Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Black Milk Will Make You FREAK...

He writes about James from Black Milk Clothing every single time he has a new product launch. Which seems to be every few weeks. Kinda insane that this guy can manage it but with this being his gotta be 10th launch, he has it down and keeps killing it. He is the Jeffrey Campbell of Bodysuits and Leggings. There are few people that deserve to be on Fashion by He as much as Black Milk, and if you haven't made a purchase yet, not sure what you are waiting for. BM is HE Approved.

P.S. How BM hasn't exploded more is kinda shocking. Then again James has done this the old fashion way, you should check out his facebook page, one of the few brands of the world that has build a legit online community on facebook. Interacts with fans, answers questions.

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