Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Is this Really the PERFECT Tan Bikini?

PTB offers the first practical and chic bikini designed to end unattractive tan lines and fussing with tops that don’t stay put without pesky straps. With its unique fabrication, the straps can be easily removed while the top stays firmly in place.

Introducing the Perfect Tan Bikini, or what this company is calling perfect. Apparently the cups of the bathing suit have an adhesive that makes them stick to your boobs no matter what. Strap lines, tan lines are kinda weird and unattractive, so it is very hard for He to hate on this idea. Is He going to complain if chicks want to use this to remove and get less tan lines, absolutely not, will He still encourage topless tanning, absolutely yes.
After all they are selling them with Cheeky Bottoms, major bonus points there.

P.S. only a woman would invent something like this, its a totally topless teaser.

Check out the how to video after the break.

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