Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pakistani Farshi Lahanga 2011 Pictures

Pakistani Farshi Lahanga 
While walking, farshi pajama is correctly held in such a way, that a Pakistani lady carefully folds the flaring trial and holds it in her left hand keeping the right one free, it hardly trails. This Pakistani dress id usually embroidered in gold work and sterling silver white threads.

If we look into the history of farshi pajama, it was worn in the 17th and early 20 century by Muslims ladies of North indias.In that’s era it was called, farshi gharara.The word, farshi means floor, so the trailing of pajama on the floor is referred as farshi pajama.

There are many Pakistani fashion designers like HSY, MariaB and neliofer Shahid who have introduced this Pakistani dress with little variations on weddings and formal occasions. All of them try to emphasis on the right combination of resplendent colors, floral embroidery and stunning styles. They use a wide variety of fabrics, including silks, nets, cotton, tissues, organza, georgette and chiffon.

Farshi Style is a traditional Pakistani dress which consists of Kurta, dupatta and pajama.The, pajama falls straight to the ankles from where it starts flaring flowing abundantly to floor. Over the time Pakistani farshi pajama have gone through various transitions from traditional to contemporary ones.

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