Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank You...Stone_Cold_Fox

Sorry that He has not posted about Stone_Cold_Fox sooner, that was probably a wrong doing by He, no one's perfect, better later then never. Sticking with that hippie-beach-chic look for summer, this is another perfect brand. Dress on the top left might just be one of the sexiest dresses of summer 2011. Enough sheer, lace, and openings to make any man happy, oh yes, the ladies will love this stuff to. Get it before the warm weather is gone...:-(

P.S. The Stone_Cold_Fox creaters, owners, designers are two HottHe's, see pic after the break
P.P.S. if anyone knows why when He uploads a picture on the large setting, the pictures still aren't large enough, how the hell do i get them bigger when He uploads??

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