Friday, February 25, 2011

Acknowledging The Necessary

It's always interesting to bring up a topic about piracy in the context of women and fashion. Unlike guys who are more straightforward admitting that they buy pirated goods just for the sake of a cheaper price, women seem to have a more complex reasoning in their purpose and justifications.

Talking about buying pirated goods is not always about "I can afford" or "I can't afford". It's not always about the finance. It's about the thinking behind it. When I buy a fake good, I openly tell people that it's fake, and bought it just for fun because it was too cute and too cheap to simply miss. As wrong as this is, at least I don't run away from the fact that it was wrong. I admitted it. However, there are many people out there who buy fake goods and pretend that they're not. They act all expensive and classy and think that they're NOT wrong. It's like saying "this isn't red" while in fact everybody knows it's red and you yourself know as well.

It leads to a nowhere-point when we debate on "but you're rich and you can afford while I can't but i want to look just as stylish". It's not a matter of social status, economy class or the action itself, but a simple thought & act of taking responsibility. The richest people can buy fake goods after all. But then what would matter is how they respond and take responsibility of their actions; to admit or to fake it.

Be 100% original inside and outside, peeps. But it's always more important to start from the inside...:)

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