Saturday, December 31, 2011

So long - 2011!

Counting down to 2012, fashion has come a long way!

It's been an exciting year for fashion lovers, with several ups and downs. 2011 started on a high with amazing fashion from the Oscars to the highly anticipated royal wedding... Where Sarah Burton's design for McQueen was a defining moment, not forgetting Pippa Middleton's curves defining dress, sending the fashion world on a spin with a sell-out imitation range at debenhams on the back of it.

Fashion also had an exciting new entrant in the name of Harper-Seven Beckham, the first daughter of the fabulous Victoria Beckham.. surely more to come from that end in 2012.

2011 saw Beyonce reveal she was pregnant to the world, we remain expectant in 2012 for the birth of a heir(ress) to the 'House of Dereon'.

On the low, the fashion world lost an Icon, Elizabeth Taylor, who died after battling with a long term Illness. She will be missed!

John Galliano was sacked from the house of Dior after making anti Semitic remarks in a cafe in Paris. He has since been found guilty by the courts, it will be interesting to see what 2012 will bring for the fashion Mogul.

Harsh economic times brought about the end of major retailers, several has since gone under administration in 2011 among these are Jane Norman, D2 Jeans, Barratts, Lasenza(Plans to), TJ Hughes, as well as decline in profits forcing major retailers including Sir Phillip Green's Arcadia fashion group planning to close several stores. These has brought about major Job losses in 2011.

Finally Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Sherzinger split again, fingers crossed 2012 brings our favorite couple back together.

We definately didn't see this coming, the split of our ever stylish Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. We wish them all the best in 2012.

How would I forget the amazing trends in 2011, from animal print, to 70's chic fashion, metallics and colour block.

The economic downturn forced retailers to constantly knock down prices to attract buyers, this meant, we constantly bought for less in 2011. The market doesn't seem promising for 2012 either, take advantage of the sales and make sure you continue to buy fab so less...

Thanks for staying with us throughout 2011, thanks for your custom and we promise 2012 will be better.

We promise to give you up-to date sale information on the blog. We hope to showcase the best of the high street and give styling advice and tips on the blog.

Enjoy your new years eve...Remember to look fab always, for us 'The fab way is the only way'

...See you in 2012!

Stay Fab xxx

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