Tuesday, April 19, 2011

That's It.

It was my few days of depression. I wasn't stressed, I was in fact depressed. It's very hard to explain how I really felt and the reason behind..I guess it's all an accumulation of things that have been going on in my life. I've been trying to think about it, and I guess I came up with a conclusion: it's a mean world out there. There will always be people who lie to you, who loves bringing you down, who hates you for whatever reason.

S and I spent the night today just sitting in silence. He was very kind to let me just sit and not talk, cuz he knew I wasn't in the mood to talk about anything. I looked at him, and cried. He drove me home.

On our way, we saw a truck got into an accident, and from what we saw, it was pretty bad. I felt...awakened.

I might not be strong, but I am one happy girl. I will never let anything nor anyone take away that spirit. For whatever mistakes I have done, I have apologized. If I am not forgiven, then that's it. For whatever mess I made, I'm always trying my best to fix it. If my effort is not appreciated, then that's it.

We humans are humans. And we should appreciate and give credits to ourselves. If we spend our lives just to please everyone, when will it ever end?

Thank you, Allah. For every blessing. For keeping me safe and sound throughout my days.

I love You...:)

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